Helping Businesses Reach Their Full Potential


We’re Dedicated to Building Successful Businesses

Key Investment Solutions (KIS) specializes in:

  • New Business Development

  • Acquisitions

  • Partial acquisitions - Partnership opportunities

  • Seed money, leadership and infrastructure assistance for start-up businesses that are too early in their business plan to raise money

  • Businesses that need capital and leadership for expansion and growth stages

Key Investment Solutions explores investments in any industry, seeking ways to rapidly accelerate companies that lack the resources and leadership needed to achieve their full potential.

Where businesses see obstacles, we see ways to help. We’re game changers on a mission, determined to find businesses with unfulfilled potential and apply our proven practices to make companies thrive.

A Record of Success


We have built or acquired over 25 businesses


That have exceeded a value of $150 million


and earned 200+ company and employee global awards


Are you looking to sell your business?

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We founded or acquired over 25 businesses with a combined value nearing $150 million.


Building or acquiring profitable businesses that have more potential than they are experiencing and then injecting the capital and the leadership that’s needed to add value to that company.


We create highly profitable companies so that we can provide revolutionary generosity according to biblical principles, as well as provide our shareholders with an above average rate of return.


“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”